Narrativizing Theories - Benjamin John Peters

Narrativizing Theories

Narrativizing Theories

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Ours is an age of offense, a time of reactionary shock--always received, never given. Ours is an age that has forgone cultural narratives, a time of individualism--wherein personal identities trump the collective spirit. Ours is an age of failing earth, a time of ecological collapse--yet the consumption of global capitalism continues to run amok.

But don't fear. You have the correct worldview, the best solutions.

It's not your fault these things are happening. It's the president's, the immigrant's, and the Islamicist's.

Or perhaps

It's the socialist's, the tree hugger's, and the baby killer's.

But it's not your fault. Never yours. For the world exists as you see it--in an echo chamber lined with golden pixels.

Do I still have your attention?

Then join me.

Within the covers of Narrativizing Theories, I dive into ambiguity and aesthetics to depict how clashing worldviews exist side by side yet remain mutually incompatible.

I examine how cultures distinguish between acceptable and unacceptable beliefs, embodiments, and identities.

And I outline an aesthetic theory of ambiguity that highlights--through the twists and turns of literature--the provisionality of knowledge and the narrativization of reality.
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Editore: Cascade Books
Pubblicato: 2020-02-06
ISBN: 9781532694912

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