Extraordinary Nurses Throughout History - Various

Extraordinary Nurses Throughout History

Extraordinary Nurses Throughout History

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“Extraordinary Nurses Throughout History” celebrates the amazing efforts of eight notable nurses, collected in honour of Florence Nightingale's 200th birthday.

Throughout history, many notable women have helped create and improve the practice of modern nursing that we are all familiar with today. Since the first documented mention of professional nurses in approximately 300 AD, their contributions at times when nursing was much less well established are invaluable when studying how nursing has evolved throughout the ages. This fascinating and insightful exposition of the lives and achievements of notable nurses will appeal to those with an interest in the history of nursing and would make for a worthy addition to collections of allied literature. Chapters include: “Dorothea Dix”, “Mary Seacole”, “Florence Nightingale”, “Clara Barton”, “Sarah Emma Edmonds”, “Linda Richards”, “Edith Cavell”, and “Violetta Thursten”, and also included is an introductory essay entitled “Representative Women - The Free Nurse” by Ingleby Scott.
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Editore: Brilliant Women - Read & Co.
Pubblicato: 2020-02-20
ISBN: 9781528789295

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