Grim Gruesome Viking Villain: Four thrilling adventures - Rosalind Kerven

Grim Gruesome Viking Villain: Four thrilling adventures

Grim Gruesome Viking Villain: Four thrilling adventures

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Vividly set in the Viking Age - full of sword fights, treasure, pirates, adventurous sea journeys, kings, queens, runes and belief in the supernatural.

Four-books-in-one edition of this HIGHLY ACCLAIMED series, recommended by numerous reviewers, teachers and young readers.

- 'If you've not discovered Grim Gruesome yet, where have you been! ...Vividly told scary adventure…you can't stop reading' - Primary Times
- 'Dahl-style jokes and adventure' - The Times
- 'horrible but also funny…wonderful' - TES
- 'Full of twists and turns that you are desperate to follow' -
- 'A page turner...dramatic and and enjoyable' - Birmingham Post
- Shortlisted for the Solihull Children's Book Award and Lancashire Fantastic Book Award


Grim Gruesome is a mysterious, hideous, shape-shifting trickster - charismatic yet evil, the terror of the North Lands. He has sworn to harm as many children as he can. No one has ever seen his face, but he can be recognised by his repulsive, pus-oozing finger stump with hypnotic powers.

In each story Grim appears incognito, and in a different disguise, to lure young victims into his power. He weakens them with terrifying threats and throws them into horrifically dangerous situations. At first escape seems impossible. However, in true fairy tale style, children always overcome him by drawing on their own courage, determination and inner strength.


- Child-centred fiction with the emphasis on a gripping, thrilling story.
- Strong appeal to both girls and boys
- Written in a page-turning style with short chapters ending on cliffhangers.
- Scary yet buoyant and touched with dark humour.
- Vividly written: rich plots and colourful characters.
- Short chapters, snappy sentences and constant drama - accessible to all reading abilities.
- Language that's direct and pithy - look out for some unique Viking curses!
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Pubblicato: 2014-02-04
ISBN: 9781783013234

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