The Grief Cure

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Alyson Franz suffered a painful loss and didn’t know how she could ever get past it. Being a therapist herself at the time, she tried many traditional approaches with no success. This led her to a journey of healing, transformation, and a complete change in her professional work. She has now rebuilt both her life and her professional practice based on what she has learned on this journey which includes extensive training in transformative healing and coaching modalities. She specializes in helping others heal from grief and loss. In The Grief Cure, she shares her revolutionary approach. Sufferers learn:

Why the loss of a loved one can feel excruciatingly painfulWays to release their emotional pain and feel better immediately What they can do to end their suffering for good Why traditional talk therapies and medication rarely work to heal grief How to move from feeling overwhelmed with grief to a new purpose
The Grief Cure combines personal experience and the newest modern discoveries to help those who are suffering from grief rebuild their life after the loss.
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Editore: Morgan James Publishing
Pubblicato: 2019-07-02
ISBN: 9781642794076

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