The Secret Flame - Dom Henson

The Secret Flame

The Secret Flame

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This is a classic vintage, erotic novel which we will call The Secret Flame. You really need to read the sample preview for this one. You should! This book is hot. A trashy, sleazy, *full-length* (100 Pages) vintage, post-censorship erotic novel. But, if you really want, here’s the briefest of excerpts:

Even when it was her husband who was touching her it had to be that way. Mary was an honest, conventional wife and mother. Curly McLean was the only man who had touched her in the eighteen years of their marriage. And he knew where to touch her, and how.
Lingua: Inglese Categoria: Erotica Traduttore:

Più informazioni

Editore: Vintage Pulp Novels
Pubblicato: 2018-02-08
ISBN: 6610000051977

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