The Life of Prophet Hud AS (Eber), Ultimate Version - Jannah Firdaus Mediapro

The Life of Prophet Hud AS (Eber), Ultimate Version

The Life of Prophet Hud AS (Eber), Ultimate Version

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Prophet Hud AS (Eber) was a prophet of ancient Arabia mentioned in The Holy Quran. The eleventh surah (chapter) of The Holy Quran, Hud, is named after him, though the narrative of Surah Hud comprises only a small portion of the chapter. Prophet Hud AS has sometimes been identified with Prophet Eber AS, an ancestor of the Israelites who is mentioned in the Old Testament.

The people of 'Ad lived many years in the windswept hills of an area between Yemen and Oman, they were physically well built and renowned for their craftsmanship especially in the construction of tall buildings with lofty towers. They were outstanding among all the nations in power and wealth, which, unfortunately, made them arrogant and boastful. Their political power was held in the hand of unjust rulers, against whom no one dared to raise a voice. They were not ignorant of the existence of Allah SWT (God), nor did they refuse to worship Him.

What they did refuse was to worship Allah SWT alone. They worshipped other gods, also, including idols. This is one sin Allah SWT (God) does not forgive. Allah SWT wanted to guide and discipline these people so He sent a prophet from among them. This prophet was Prophet Hud AS (Eber), a noble man who handled this task with great resoluteness and tolerance.
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