Cold-Blooded Murders - Alex Josey

Cold-Blooded Murders

Cold-Blooded Murders

3,5 8 5 Scritto da: Alex Josey Letto da: Roger Jenkins
The Trial of Sunny Ang (1973). Bankrupt and desperately needing money, this is the true story of how a brilliant Singaporean psychopath tried to commit the perfect crime. This landmark trial was the first of its kind in Singapore—without a body, the prosecution had no medical evidence nor witnesses to claim unnatural death, so they caught Ang in a chain of circumstantial evidence he could not break, which ultimately led to his sentence.

Pulau Senang—The Experiment That Failed (1980). In 1965, 18 men, all convicted criminals were sent to death for murder. They were to be a haunting testimony to the failure of a bold experiment to transform Pulau Senang into a gaol without bars and a sad realization that ‘creative work in healthy surroundings’ may not reform seasoned criminals. Reconstructing the events leading to the tragedy and trial, Pulau Senang attempts to throw some light to a question that has never been answered satisfactorily: Why did the experiment fail?
Lingua: Inglese Categoria: Non-fiction Traduttore:

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Editore: Storyside
Pubblicato: 2020-05-14
Durata: 9H 35Min
ISBN: 9789179236229

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Editore: MarshallCavendishEditions
Pubblicato: 2009-07-07
ISBN: 9789814351850

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