Growth Hacking For Dummies - Anuj Adhiya

Growth Hacking For Dummies

Growth Hacking For Dummies

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Hack your business growth the scientific way

Growth Hacking for Dummies provides a blueprint for building the machine from the ground-up, whether you're a fledgling organization looking for ways to outperform big budgets and research teams, or an established business wanting to apply emerging techniques to your process. Written by a growth thought leader who learned from the original growth hacking gurus, you'll soon be an expert in the tech world innovations that make this the proven route to the big time: iteration, constant testing, agile approaches, and flexible responses to your customers' evolving needs.

● Soup to nuts: get a full overview of the growth hacking process and tools

● Appliance of science: how to build and implement concept-testing models

● Coming together: pick up best practices for building a cross-disciplinary team

● Follow the data: find out what your customers really want
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Editore: Tantor Audio
Pubblicato: 2020-06-16
Durata: 8H 40Min
ISBN: 9781705212806

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