On Being Born Again - D.L. Moody

On Being Born Again

On Being Born Again

3 1 5 Scritto da: D.L. Moody Letto da: George Keller
D.L. Moody dedicated his life to revival preaching and famously established the Moody Bible Institute in Chicago. In this sermon, he teaches that being “born again” in the Christian tradition is not about going to church, being baptized, being confirmed, saying prayers, or reading the Bible—it’s about an inward change of heart. He remarks, “Every one should inquire, Have I been born of the Spirit?—have I passed from death unto life?—or am I building my hopes of Heaven on some form?” Though first delivered in the nineteenth century, this powerful message rings true to this day.
Lingua: Inglese Categoria: Religione e Spiritualità Traduttore:

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Editore: Audio Sommelier
Pubblicato: 2018-05-31
Durata: 18Min
ISBN: 9781987102000

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