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Feminist Activism 101

Feminist Activism 101

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What is a feminist? And how does one "feminist" today? This question is answered in Feminist Activism 101: How to Contribute, Lead, and Make a Positive Impact with the New Feminism Revolution.

Referred to as the "f-word", feminism previously was regarded as a negative and man-hating movement. Then something changed. Feminism, according to Merriam-Webster, was the most searched word in 2017. More than three million people attended the inaugural Women's March on Washington. A feminist ran for president and won the popular vote. The #MeToo hashtag appeared 1.7 million times in 85 nations.

The renewed interest in and incredible velocity of this social, political, and cultural movement demands a new meaning. It is time to launch feminism 2.0.

In the audiobook Feminist Activism 101, feminist Megan Hussey offers the definitive feminist how-to guide, exploring the definition and activities of the nouveau feminist movement and identifying the women (and men) leading this movement.

How can a woman support feminism 2.0? How can a man? Is Oprah Winfrey the ultimate feminist? How about Jesus Christ? Can feminism be joyful and positive? And do we need it?

Feminism is no longer the f-word - unless, of course, the f-word is question is fabulous and functional; sometimes, even fun!

About the expert: Megan Hussey is a feminist leader and activist. Hussey is the vice president of, a journalistic site and charity seeking to promote positive images of women in the media.

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Pubblicato: 2018-09-11
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ISBN: 9781647584719

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