Toy Photography 101 - HowExpert, Pinar Alsac

Toy Photography 101

Toy Photography 101

5 1 5 Scritto da: HowExpert, Pinar Alsac Letto da: Alexia Hodgson Cross
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What is toy photograph and why you should start photographing something other than yourself or the food you eatWho were the first toy photographers and how far the field has progressed since thenHow to pick a suitable toy to photograph and the pros and cons of different toysWhat do those fancy photography terms mean and how they can be used to improve your photographyHow does color affect the mood of the photograph and how you can use it to your advantageWhat is the difference between photographing indoors and outdoors and how to overcome the difficulties of bothHow can you make your toy fly without wings or have a bonfire without actual fireWhat is the importance of posing your toy and why you should do itHow toys have "feelings" and how you can use them to emphasize the feeling of your photographWhat to do after taking the photo to tune the image and if it is really necessaryWhat are the benefits of sharing your photographs and various options on who to share them withHow simple tricks can make a huge difference in toy photography and why they are useful

Born in 1981, Pinar Alsaç spent a significant part of her life playing with toys. She has always been fond of photography, and she started taking pictures as soon as she got her hands on her father's camera (around the age of 15). After learning of the existence of social media, she decided to combine two of her hobbies and became a toy photographer. She is constantly learning new things about both subjects, and her weapons of choice are her iPhone and her Lego minifigures. She currently lives in Antalya, Turkey, with her father and their three cats.

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Editore: HowExpert
Pubblicato: 2018-03-28
Durata: 1H 8Min
ISBN: 9781647583705

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