Catholic Theology: Exploring the Great Ideas of Our Christian Faith - Harvey D. Egan

Catholic Theology: Exploring the Great Ideas of Our Christian Faith

Catholic Theology: Exploring the Great Ideas of Our Christian Faith

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Join one of the world’s most acclaimed theologians, award-winning professor Fr. Harvey D. Egan, S.J., as you will grapple with life’s ultimate questions and explore our rich Christian heritage.

Here, you will discover powerful insights into the meaning and salvific value of the truths of Christianity. This illuminating audio course will explore the Christian faith as a powerful whole, allowing you to discover the full range of life’s greatest mysteries.

In 24 accessible lectures, you will focus on Christian truths both great and small, tackling essential exegetical, dogmatic, historical, systematic, and ecumenical questions. You will also gain new insights into Jesus’ life and times using the scriptural interpretations of scholars like N. T. Wright.

Throughout the lectures, you will encounter approaches from various traditions: religious figures like the Buddha, scientists like Holocaust survivor Viktor Frankl, secular artists like Ingmar Bergman, existential philosophers like Sartre, and many more. By doing so, you will become better able to engage in interreligious dialogue.

These different perspectives will reveal the universality of our quest to comprehend life’s purpose. As you take a closer look at our one humanity, our one world, and our one cosmos, you will gain a deeper awareness of the great truths of the Christian tradition.

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Editore: Learn25
Pubblicato: 2017-12-04
Durata: 10H
ISBN: 9781632513687

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