A Retreat with the Gospel of Mark - Felix Just

A Retreat with the Gospel of Mark

A Retreat with the Gospel of Mark

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This retreat program will inspire and move you.

The Gospel of Mark portrays Christ in action. Now, A Retreat with the Gospel of Mark invites you into active contemplation. This is a perfect program to enjoy alone or with others.

Combining prayerful reflection, careful biblical scholarship, and an engaging presentation style, each conference was studio-recorded by Fr. Felix Just, S. J., one of Now You Know Media's most beloved presenters and an outstanding biblical retreat leader.

Mark's Gospel presents a distinctive portrait of Jesus, emphasizing how Jesus is both the powerful Son of God and the suffering Son of Man. The Markan Jesus directly asks his disciples, "Who do you say that I am?" Reflecting on how you answer this question yourself will help you to grow ever more faithful in our own attempts to follow Jesus in our own lives.

This audio retreat program combines an insightful examination of Mark's Gospel with three methods of biblical prayer––reflective meditation, imaginative contemplation and centering prayer––to help you grow in your relationship with Jesus.

You can use this program to make your own spiritual retreat for individual prayer and reflection or in small-group settings with opportunities for communal prayer and sharing. If you wish to grow closer to Jesus by spending some prayerful time with the sacred scriptures, you will cherish this series.

This course is part of the Learn25 collection.
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Editore: Learn25
Pubblicato: 2011-11-21
Durata: 5H 8Min
ISBN: 9781632512055

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