Apocalyptic Literature - Dorothy Jonaitis

Apocalyptic Literature

Apocalyptic Literature

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The apocalypse is one of the most often discussed yet least understood topics in Christianity. In her essential course, Dr. Dorothy Jonaitis invites you to unravel the mysteries surrounding the final days of the world.

Our culture is saturated with depictions of the “End Times,” and many Christians derive their understanding of eschatology from books and novels. But scripture rarely supports such popular (and often doom-filled) representations, creating more misinformation than not.

What does the Bible really say about Christ’s return and the Final Judgment? With Dr. Jonaitis (D. Min. , Aquinas Institute of Theology) as your professor, you will discover in-depth and hope-filled answers to this question.

As these 24 lectures will teach you, studying apocalyptic literature and reading scripture with an informed approach is essential for all Christians. You will gain a solid understanding of apocalyptic literature by analyzing texts from both the Old and New Testaments, giving particular attention to the Book of Revelation. You will also explore the significance of Revelation’s most fascinating images: the beasts and the visions from the heavens, the seven churches, and the woman whose child overcomes the dragon.

With the exegetical tools gained from this course, you will come to a deeper appreciation of the Bible that will guide your hopeful journey toward the final reign of God.

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Pubblicato: 2010-07-08
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