Ornament Drawing Lessons from my grandfather Oles Stativa - Dariia Nikolaieva

Ornament Drawing Lessons from my grandfather Oles Stativa

Ornament Drawing Lessons from my grandfather Oles Stativa

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Welcome to the world of original vintage ornament.

This unique step-by-step tutorial of constructing an ornament may be of interest for students of art, experienced artists, or anyone who would like to have an introduction to the area of ornament drawing.

This book has two advanced features. Firstly, this is a working tutorial. It allows anyone to learn the basics of ornament design and in a few days to be able to create custom ornaments. Secondarily, this book would provide the feeling of the original authentic manuscript by a true master of arts and teaching.

We hope you may enjoy the world of ornament through this vintage tutorial.

Enjoy the world of an ornament with the vintage tutorial.

This core drawing tutorial has been initiated by the founder of Petrykivka painting school Oles (Oleksandr) Stativa - grandfather of Dariia Nikolaieva - in the 1950s in Ukraine but was not published due to political censure. While carefully preserved and kept true to the original work, this book is published in a digital format in order to reach a wider audience.
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Pubblicato: 2019-01-02
ISBN: 6610000198900

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