Be Diligent Rule Your World - Emmanuel Atunwa

Be Diligent Rule Your World

Be Diligent Rule Your World

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Diligence is one of the most important virtue in achieving success in life. Most people today have failed to reach their goals efficiently and effectively due to lack of diligence. A lot of things have been accomplished and breakthroughs have been made due to the application of the power of diligence. It is ultimately the proprietor of quality output in every work process. Such determines the quality of work, hence the perceived value. This book has brought to light the true understanding of diligence and how to cultivate the virtue in different aspect of life’s success pursuit. You will learn that excellence does not occur as result of intensified work, but of strategized and targeted planning. The principles elaborated in this book are simplified to provide for work-through and definite direction towards creating achievable goals, and in the end achieve satisfaction through works and smart planning. “It is of essence to understand the word diligence widely in order to be intrigued to embrace this in your Power library. The amount of diligence you have in approaching a personal or professional project will determine the speed of your work and the benefit of the whole work process in the long run. ” You will be able to navigate critically your way out of obscurity into limelight.
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Pubblicato: 2018-10-08
ISBN: 6610000124176

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