The Book of Job: A Bible Study Course - Kathleen M. O'Connor

The Book of Job: A Bible Study Course

The Book of Job: A Bible Study Course

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Rediscover one of the Bible's most important books. With a leading Scripture scholar as your guide, you will gain powerful insights into one of life's most vexing questions.

The Book of Job is a powerful and ultimately life-affirming book. But the text––one of the Bible's oldest––can sometimes seem puzzling to modern audiences. Now, The Book of Job: A Bible Study Course gives you an insightful look into how Job can transform your faith today.

You will join Prof. Kathleen O'Connor, Ph.D., the former president of the Catholic Biblical Association of America, in exploring the vital wisdom of the Book of Job. A combination of beautiful poetry, classic storytelling, and profound theology, the Book of Job is brimming with insights. Through 15 audio lectures, you will take a closer look at the fascinating questions it poses.

First and foremost, you will examine the vital question: Why does suffering exist? Job himself is a powerful symbol for the mystery of suffering, experiencing nearly every loss possible despite his piousness. As you will discover, the answer to this question is surprisingly complex. Ultimately, you will encounter God as He speaks to Job about the ineffable beauty of creation.

You will find yourself among the characters, plunging headfirst into this beautiful text. Job remains one of the most enduring figures in the Bible, for all of us can see ourselves in his struggles.
Enrich your faith with the Book of Job today.
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Editore: Learn25
Pubblicato: 2016-07-27
Durata: 6H 4Min
ISBN: 9781632512680

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