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Learn Spanish: Spanish Survival Phrases, Volume 2

Learn Spanish: Spanish Survival Phrases, Volume 2

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Learn Spanish: Spanish Survival Phrases, Volume 2

Preparing for a trip to a Spanish-speaking country? The Survival Phrases, Volume 2 series is designed to provide world travelers with essential phrases in multiple languages and cultural insight you will not find in a textbook. Our experienced teachers possess the linguistic expertise to help you comprehend the fundamentals of the language and the experience to help you navigate the pitfalls and pleasantries of their respective countries. We pride ourselves on providing you with the tools and know-how to make your trip, vacation, or journey the most memorable yet!

In this 30-lesson series, you'll learn vital Spanish phrases in each lesson that will help prepare you for an upcoming trip. Topics covered include:
- Speak Spanish before the end of your first lesson
- Use your newly learned Spanish in everyday situations
- Understand the culture, customs, and people of Spanish-speaking countries
- Taking public transportation
- Asking for directions
- Checking in to a hotel
- Introduce yourself, friends and family
- And much more!

If you have not studied Spanish and simply want to master basic phrases useful for travel without getting into the details of grammar, this is the series for you.

These short and effective audio lessons will also teach you travel tips and the "dos" and "don'ts" from our experienced host. This is not a vocabulary builder with just words and their translations. Unlike other audiobooks, we actually teach Spanish and Spanish culture. Each lesson is taught by a professional bilingual teacher! Get the most out of your trip with Spanish Survival Phrases!

Download the PDF and read along:
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Pubblicato: 2020-08-16
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