Mindfulness Through the Stars - Ashley Flores

Mindfulness Through the Stars

Mindfulness Through the Stars

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In this beginner’s guide for amateur astrologists, learn how to use astrology houses to gain personal insight and cultivate relationships.

Overcome insecurities, love your flaws, and shine like a star. Embracing the astrological energy of each unique personality in your world can provide cosmic relief to everyday chaos and noise. As the planets cycle through the houses of the horoscope, so do individual ups and downs. Taking astrology aspects like your sun sign and rising sign into consideration, Mindfulness Through the Stars teaches you to use your personal horoscope for self-knowledge and self-care.

All horoscope signs have a good, a bad, and an ugly. And each zodiac personality trait can provide guidance to target improvement and encouragement and become an evolved version of your sign. On this journey of celestial self-development, learn how to take better care of the body, mind, and spirit with topics like astrology compatibility and mindfulness activities. Aries, enjoy a facial with your Leo bestie. Sagittarius, unwind with a little wine and a new book. No matter your sign, it’s time to listen to the secret language of the stars.

“As someone who’s curious about astrology but not a huge believer, Ashley’s book has turned me into a believer.” ?Shingirai Mazengwe, artist and photographer

“Ashley Flores's awesome astrology book adds much-needed diversity and POC perspective to the study of the stars.” ?Cerridwen Greenleaf, author of Moon Spell Magic

“Combines the ancient patterns of starlight with the modern practice of meditation at a time when we need it most. The perfect read for a hectic year!” ?Araminta Star Matthews, co-author of Crystal Intentions: Practices for Manifesting Wellness
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Editore: Mango Media
Pubblicato: 2020-08-11
ISBN: 9781642503128

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