Bitcoin: The Other Side of the Coin - Akito Yamamoto

Bitcoin: The Other Side of the Coin

Bitcoin: The Other Side of the Coin

3,23 13 5 Scritto da: Akito Yamamoto Letto da: Marianne
Bitcoin - The Other Side of the Coin

Inside of this book is exactly what you are not being told!

In todays investing world, Bitcoin is front stage, and all the rage.

But, you are not being told so many things, that should be common knowledge!

Inside of this book we will discuss the Pros vs Cons of Bitcoin investing.

The realities vs the many fantasies that are being passed off as facts.

The statement that “BTC is the future of money” or that it “will replace how we use money completely”, is by far exaggerated.

Before you invest your hard earned money into any Cryptocurrency, you owe it to yourself to read this book first.

Educate yourself on all sides of the coin. Not just the one that is being put out in front of the masses.

Savvy investors will do just that.
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Editore: Akito Yamamoto
Pubblicato: 2020-10-28
Durata: 38Min
ISBN: 9781664924857

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