A Rocky Mountain Christmas [Dramatized Adaptation] - J.A. Johnstone, William W. Johnstone

A Rocky Mountain Christmas [Dramatized Adaptation]

A Rocky Mountain Christmas [Dramatized Adaptation]

0 0 5 Scritto da: J.A. Johnstone, William W. Johnstone Letto da: Terence Aselford, Nanette Savard, Thomas Penny, Colleen Delany, Christopher Graybill, Richard Rohan, Faith Potts, Gary Telles, A full cast, Tim Pabon, James Lewis, Michael John Casey, James Konicek, Mort Shelby, Jeff Baker, Dylan Lynch, Michael Glenn, Tim Carlin, Ken Jackson, David Coyne, Tim Getman, Joe Brack, Elliot Dash, Eric Messner, Scott McCormick, Johann Dettweiler, Lily Beacon, Steven Carpenter, Christopher Scheeren, Ren Kasey, Kimberly Gilbert, Drew Kopas, Elizabeth Jernigan, Casie Platt, Danny Gavigan, Karen Novack, Thomas Keegan, Joel David Santner, Patrick Bussink, Nick Depinto, Evan Casey, Duane Beeman, Bradley Smith, Damyon Richardson
Three days before Christmas, Matt Jensen is traveling the Denver and Pacific railway when an avalanche slams down onto the train, trapping it in desolate Trout Creek Pass. But it wasn't an act of nature that caused the accident; it was a gang of outlaws attempting to rescue their leader, who is being taken to Red Cliff to be hanged. As Smoke Jensen and Duff MacCallister frantically try to make their way to the scene, Matt struggles to save the survivors, among them a beautiful young woman with a dark past, a merchant seaman turned rancher, and a senator with his very ill young daughter. Starving under a bitter, driving snow in the brutal, unforgiving Rocky Mountains, and surrounded by armed and desperate outlaws, Matt still dreams of making it home for Christmas.

But unless fate lends a hand, nobody will.
Lingua: Inglese Categoria: Narrativa Serie: Johnstone Christmas: 2 Traduttore:

Più informazioni

Editore: GraphicAudio
Pubblicato: 2020-06-03
Durata: 4H 34Min
ISBN: 9781648800016

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