St Crispin's Day - Griff Hosker

St Crispin's Day

St Crispin's Day

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The incredible story of how a handful of men at arms and less than 5,000 archers defeated over 20,000 men at arms and 20,000 other warriors. The story of how a King won a crown!

The last time an English King had come to France it had been led by the Black Prince. Now a new King, a throwback to those days contemplated retaking what he believed to be his birthright!

King Henry Vth of England plans to do just that but disease and sickness robs him of half his army. Forced to flee north as his predecessor had done the English and Welsh army is surrounded on all sides and a host even greater than that which fought at Crécy awaits them. When St Crispin’s Day dawns the beleaguered English are ready to die and prepared to fight to the last.
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Editore: QUEST from W. F. Howes Ltd
Pubblicato: 2021-01-14
Durata: 9H 51Min
ISBN: 9781004031245

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