The Domestic Alchemist - Pip Waller

The Domestic Alchemist

The Domestic Alchemist

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Kitchen pharmacy meets green cleaning and natural beauty in a classic compendium of mother nature's plant-powered methods for herbal happiness at home and in health. In The Domestic Alchemist, Pip Waller shares her expertise in this invaluable handbook of herbs. An introduction to the power of plants is followed by concise growing tips and profiles; guidelines on the setup of an alchemist's kitchen; and techniques on how to make tinctures to tonics. Add a comprehensive directory of eco-laundry and cleaning concoctions to first-aid and balms from zesty stain removers to cold compresses and you're all set to create your very own domestic revolution.
Lingua: Inglese Categoria: Religione e Spiritualità Traduttore:

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Editore: Ivy Press
Pubblicato: 2015-02-20
ISBN: 9781782402527

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