Kawaii Resin and Clay Workshop - Alex Lee

Kawaii Resin and Clay Workshop

Kawaii Resin and Clay Workshop

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Kawaii your way—with resin and polymer clay! In Kawaii Resin and Clay Workshop, author and crafter Alex Lee of PolymomoTea YouTube and Instagram fame shares his amazing techniques, tips, and tricks for creating awwww-inspiring, heart-stoppingly cute tiny and little projects to wear and give. • Learn about the
essential tools and techniques • for working with these easy-to-use mediums, from shaping to adding color, and from casting to curing.
• Discover
25 jaw-droppingly adorable projects • that combine polymer clay and resin in fun and unique ways.
• Find
expert guidance • on how to create and adapt designs for
making jewelry and multiples • .
DIY your maximum daily dose of super-cuteness with Kawaii Resin and Clay Workshop!
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Editore: Quarry Books
Pubblicato: 2020-11-03
ISBN: 9781631599699

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