Essential Guide to Drawing: Still Life - Barrington Barber

Essential Guide to Drawing: Still Life

Essential Guide to Drawing: Still Life

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Ready-to-hand, varied and versatile, still-life subjects are ideal drawing material. This handy guide provides an accessible introduction to the genre, from drawing single objects such as vases and fruit, to more complex themed compositions. Whether you are a complete beginner or an experienced draughtsman, the clear demonstrations and step-by-step exercises in these pages will teach you to create realistic, attractive still-life drawings.

About The Series: The Essential Guides to Drawing are practical books for artists who wish to improve their skills in a particular subject area. The series covers Animals, Landscapes, Perspective & Composition, Portraits, Still Life and Landscapes.
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Editore: Arcturus
Pubblicato: 2020-06-01
ISBN: 9781839405006

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