Drawing is Easy: A step-by-step guide - Susie Hodge

Drawing is Easy: A step-by-step guide

Drawing is Easy: A step-by-step guide

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Drawing is easy - but you need to know the basics.

Artist and writer Susie Hodge gets you drawing right away. With simple exercises to build your confidence, she quickly shows you how to grasp the fundamentals. Every exercise is made up of step-by-step instructions with clear, easy-to-follow illustrations. Line by line, you can see how it's all done and soon you will be creating your own fantastic artworks.

Step-by-step projects include:

• A glass full of water

• A forest on a Spring day

• Faces and their proportions

• Drawing draped and crumpled fabrics

For anyone who's ever wanted to try their hand at drawing, but hasn't had the confidence, this thorough guide will provide you with the groundwork to get you sketching what you see.
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Editore: Arcturus
Pubblicato: 2018-10-15
ISBN: 9781789503395

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