Kelly's Quickies Volume 1: 10 Naughty Erotic Tales - Kelly Addams

Kelly's Quickies Volume 1: 10 Naughty Erotic Tales

Kelly's Quickies Volume 1: 10 Naughty Erotic Tales

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Grab a bundle of hot erotic naughtiness now!

The first 10 Kelly's Quickie's Short Stories combined in one sizzling volume. Get ready for a little kink, some fetish, a sprinkling of taboo and a lot of naughty fun. (featuring18+: Pregnant, Hucow, Interracial, Submission, Paranormal, Bimbo, Lesbian, BDSM and Spanking erotica… plus much more!)

Insatiable and Pounding Pregnant Pam - The story of eight months pregnant Pamela… and her craving for kinky sex with strangers.

Safari - A sweet and naughty tale of a man who chases the girl of his dreams… literally the girl who fills his dreams, and his bed each night… but could she possibly be real?

Marris Marsh - The story of a tough corporate lawyer and trouble-shooter sent to a sleepy village to smooth the way for major changes… but can the inhabitant of Marris Marsh change her outlook on life?

Mombasa Madness and Mombasa Madness 2 - A precautionary tale based on a true story. How sex tourism can change a man, and the direction of his life!

The Pole – Two girls, best friends, dancers… but on different paths. One dreams of fame and international acclaim as a ballet dancer, the other is more comfortable with a leg wrapped around a shiny pole as men throw money onto the stage… but how will the Prima Donna cope when she is forced into her friends kinky world?

Sleeper – A spoilt brat, a self confessed slut, and the middle aged and jaded ex policeman bodyguard charged with her protection. All seems well until strange things start to happen during the night, things that she cannot explain. And then her bodyguard meets someone unexpected, the twin she didn't know she had… confused? Read the story and it will become clear!

Milking Amanda – For those of us who enjoy a glass of warm milk! Amanda is one of those girls who is sure that she should have been born into a different body… because all she has ever craved is to be a dairy cow giving milk from her massive udders… fortunately for her, Farmer Bernie is more than happy to give her what she needs.

Company Perks – The story of a gold digger, the office slut and dimwit bimbo. This tale will show you what can happen when you set out to catch a billionaire, but don't consider the options when you agree to do anything that he says!
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Editore: PMO Publishing
Pubblicato: 2018-05-20
ISBN: 6610000072828

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