Another 20 Erotic Dreams - Marcus Darkley

Another 20 Erotic Dreams

Another 20 Erotic Dreams

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Marcus Darkley presents his next 20 erotica and BDSM short stories in 1 bumper collection.

All books are available as single stories.


PUNISHED TEENS – Before they knew it, both girls were trussed up and learning to be submissive pain sluts the hard way - at the hands of a Master!

ASHLEIGH’S BLUE BALLS - A chance encounter with a mysterious, gypsy-like woman moved into the ladies' loo and for the first time, Ashleigh was taken like a submissive girl by a woman who was also a man! Yes, the gypsy was a futanari! And now, Ashleigh was too!

PAIGE’S PAYMENT - Paige's dad offers her young body as recompense for a fender bender!

EROTIC AWAKENING -Charlotte Edwards and Marcus Darkley were married to other people but the successful erotica authors met up twice a year to rekindle their relationship and seek new pleasures together.

MILKING THE MOMMY NEXT DOOR - Danielle's public breastfeeding was doing things to her neighbour, who wanted nothing more than to get his hand on her nubile young body and full breasts!

FIXING THE FARMER’S WIFE – Returning to the farmyard, her workers are greeted by a wriggling bottom at just the right height for enjoying. When they realise it belongs to their sexy, stuck-up boss, the temptation is too much for any of them to resist!

GANGBANG WIFE - Livvy had been learning to expand her sexual boundaries under her husband’s firm hand and expert guidance. Agreeing to experience a bukkake, this was to be just the start of her descent into depravity!

BIKERS BANG MY WIFE AND DAUGHTER - The big Harley in his drive should have set off alarm bells in his head. The rough-looking biker that was buried deep inside his student daughter certainly did! Then his prim and proper wife reveals herself as a biker slut and his whole reality is turned on its head!

THE DAUGHTER SWAP - He had to offer his virgin daughter to a complete stranger and found that they had both enjoyed the experience a hell of a lot. Now he was looking for another older man to repeat the act and her best friend Heidi offered an opportunity when he discovered her dad had similar desires!

THE DOCTOR’S PREGNANT WIFE - The doctor's young pregnant wife is too much of a temptation for the neighbour!

Little did she know that her milk and her pussy would soon be willingly available!

SEDUCED AT THE SEX SHOP -A frumpy and repressed English wife was going to have her boundaries broadened like she had never imagined!

Plus more!

Adult reading material.

Sexually explicit.
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Editore: Erotic Dreams
Pubblicato: 2018-11-16
ISBN: 6610000127191

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