Dominant Foreign Bad Boys Bundle - Aaliyah Jackson

Dominant Foreign Bad Boys Bundle

Dominant Foreign Bad Boys Bundle

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These rich foreign bad boys want more than just a taste of chocolate in this explicit erotic collection:

Dominated By The Sheikh

The chance to interview the opposition leader in a dangerous Middle East country turns to more for an African American newspaper reporter when it becomes clear a powerful Sheik is infatuated with her. It puts her in a hazardous position, but the obsessive emotions aren’t all one-sided. She finds herself unable to resist his advances and he takes full advantage of the situation as they both go after what they want until things get out of hand.

Spanked By My White Boss

When Tanya gets a call from her cheating ex-boyfriend Andreas at work, she knows it can't end well. She's cut off contact with him completely, but when he threatens to show up at her work she is scared that her past will come back to haunt her. Meanwhile, her boss Maxwell, head of the law firm she works for decides to meet her in the work cafe... just when Andreas decides to show up! What happens next changes Tanya's entire life around, starting from the moment she walks into Maxwell's office later on that afternoon. Maxwell wants something from Tanya badly, and he knows just how to get it from her...

Bred By The Russian Mob Boss

A meeting with a Russian client at the office where she works heralds an unexpected attraction for an African American woman. When the man gets her number before leaving the office, she looks forward to him getting in touch. That’s until she does an online search to find out he’s apparently a Russian mob boss. His call that evening gets her an invitation to a nightclub and she can’t resist, even though she knows it’s crazy to accept. It ends with her in the VIP section of the club, where she finds out the place is actually owned by him. When he asks if she wants to go upstairs for a drink, she knows it will only lead to one thing. She can’t say no, however, and gives into a night of submission to the powerful mob boss.
Lingua: Inglese Categoria: Erotica Traduttore:

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Editore: Erotic Bundles
Pubblicato: 2020-03-12
ISBN: 6610000252770

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