Sheikh Spanking Bundle - Daniella Fetish, Yarah Isabell

Sheikh Spanking Bundle

Sheikh Spanking Bundle

0 0 5 Scritto da: Daniella Fetish, Yarah Isabell
Spanked In Public By The Sheikh

When Sheikh Al-Nasser discovers his secretary Isabell has been stealing priceless artifacts from him and selling them, he's furious. He doesn't want to report her to the police, but he knows he can't let her get away with this. Isabell will do anything to fix the situation - and the Sheikh uses that to his advantage. Soon Isabell will be pushed to her limits in every way as she finds out spanking is just the beginning of the billionaire's punishment for her...

Violated By The Sheikhs

Vanessa is caught in-between two incredibly powerful men, Sheikh Saleem and Sheikh Bilal. They always compete against each other, so when they both take a liking to the beautiful - and married - casino employee, they decide to make a bet right then and there to see who can bed her the fastest. One Sheikh pursuing a woman is a force to be in awe of, but both of them combined make it very hard for Vanessa to resist. Vanessa will have to choose between staying faithful to her husband, or letting the sexy Sheikh brothers ravage her in every way at the same time.

Spanked By The Billionaire Sheikh

When Christy gets her dream job in Dubai she jumps at the chance to work for Hassan, the billionaire Sheikh. When she arrives it's only a matter of time before the handsome and all powerful leader begins to dominate her - but also showers her with gifts, designer dresses and heels worth thousands, taking her to high profile parties parties, and before long it becomes obvious what he really wants: Christy as his submissive, willing whore.
Lingua: Inglese Categoria: Erotica Traduttore:

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Editore: Erotic Bundles
Pubblicato: 2019-10-17
ISBN: 6610000235926

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