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Interracial BWWM Bukkake

Ericka didn't know her boyfriend had any fantasies he was hiding, that is, until she discovered him watching a video featuring a black woman looking very similar to her, with 10 white men drenching her. When Ericka asks if he really does get turned on by that, she finds out that her boyfriend is more than willing to turn his fantasies into reality.

My Secret White Baby

Nikki's boyfriend Jordan is taking her for granted in a real way - she's lucky if she can get a word out of him, let alone some love and affection. So when her girl comes to visit, why shouldn't she hit up the club? Her innocent intentions don't mean much when Jake, the owner of the club, spots her on the dance-floor and decides he likes what he sees. Nikki has no plans to cheat, that is, until she gets a text from her friend with a picture of Jordan getting into some ho's car. A night of drunken, unprotected passion in the VIP is just the start for Nikki though, when a few weeks later she takes a pregnancy test only to find out that's pregnant with Jake's baby!

Bent Over By My White Boss

Erickya is a black single mother working to provide for her family, which means romance is taking a back seat to her career. The only man she spends real time around is her boss Mr. Dawes, and as much as she fantasizes about tearing off his $5,000 suit she knows it's too forbidden to ever happen. That is, until Mr. Dawes decides to make her a lucrative offer in exchange for one thing only: total sexual submission. Mr. Dawes has a beautiful wife and children of his own, and Erickya never imagined herself as being 'the other woman' to anybody. However, her boss has ways of persuading her into doing things she never thought she could. When she's in his office with the door closed and faced with a life changing choice, will she give in and let Mr. Dawes get what he wants like he always does or take the moral route? No matter what she says, Mr. Dawes never gives up, never takes no for an answer, never uses a condom, and never pulls out.... This story involves themes of interracial sex, BWWM, and billionaire alpha male domination in the workplace.
Lingua: Inglese Categoria: Erotica Traduttore:

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Editore: Erotic Bundles
Pubblicato: 2019-10-17
ISBN: 6610000235933

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