Bent Over In The Victorian Era Erotic Bundle - Lovillia Hearst, Elle London

Bent Over In The Victorian Era Erotic Bundle

Bent Over In The Victorian Era Erotic Bundle

0 0 5 Scritto da: Lovillia Hearst, Elle London
Beneath the pompous decorum of Victorian life, there lies a barely restrained desire to tear it all down, and take it all off. These titles are all about Victorian era relationships that are so explicit, it's enough to make an Aristocrat faint!

Bent Over By The Cruel Lord

Greta dresses up as a boy to try to steal from the local markets, but the plan goes wrong when a muscular Lord grabs her by the scruff of her neck.
When the Lord discovers her secret, Greta finds herself spanked in the public square - and that's just the beginning, to her pleasure. Set in Victorian London.

Knocked Up By The Duke

The Duke's beautiful wife is barren and he's in desperate need of an heir. Through a stroke of luck there is a beautiful young woman working for his household who looks just like his wife, innocent and submissive young Elle. When Elle is summoned into the Duke's chambers and greeted by him and his wife with the shocking request to allow herself to be impregnated, she wants to run away. However the incredibly powerful Duke has ways of persuading her... What Elle doesn't expect is the Duke's wife to stay in the room and join in herself. Elle is seduced, stripped and under the wife's watchful eye used like a harlot as the Duke expertly manipulates her body.

Bred By The Servant

When Sarah is alone with a coachman recently hired by her parents, Duke and Dutchess Berekly, she is expected to be a proper lady. The extremely forward and well hung servant has other plans, however, despite Sarah's virginity.

This is an explicit victorian era erotic romance with a dominant alpha male.
Lingua: Inglese Categoria: Erotica Traduttore:

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Editore: Erotic Bundles
Pubblicato: 2020-04-14
ISBN: 6610000254231

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