4 1 5 Scritto da: C.J. Edwards
Rich black man and his wife play with gullible couples and their beautiful eighteen-plus daughters.

Mum Sally and daughter Chloe have no idea what's in store for them!

Edward was a very rich black man and he filled his time with his favourite hobby - sex! To be more specific, he liked to use his wealth to manipulate white men who had desirable women-folk. And his gorgeous ebony wife, Denise shared his appetites. They loved nothing more than seducing a pretty wife and/or daughter separately, but with consent. And with Sam, they hit the motherlode. He had both a horny wife and daughter and they weren't leaving until their hosts were satisfied.


He didn’t answer the question but seemed to change the subject. “We were talking about sugar daddies earlier, Chloe. Would you like to be a sugar baby?”

I laughed nervously. “What, with you?”

He wasn’t shaken in the least. “Yes, Chloe. With me. ” He smiled broadly. “What little present would you like for our first time? Would a car fit the bill?”

I was a little shocked but thought about things for a moment or two. He was remarkably good-looking, apparently in an open marriage, my dad wanted me to keep him sweet and he was throwing in a car! “Okay, ” I said quietly.
Lingua: Inglese Categoria: Erotica Traduttore:

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Editore: Erotic Dreams
Pubblicato: 2016-11-30
ISBN: 6610000038381

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