Geoffrey the Bard and the Golden Phallacy An Erotic Fairy Tale - Elliot Silvestri

Geoffrey the Bard and the Golden Phallacy An Erotic Fairy Tale

Geoffrey the Bard and the Golden Phallacy An Erotic Fairy Tale

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Geoffrey Goodrick is a handsome and talented bard, both in and out of the bedroom. What he is not is brave. Finding himself lost in the woods after abandoning his friends to a fate possibly worse than death, he encounters a pixie. Befriending and bedding a pixie won’t save his friends, but it will serve as a useful distraction in avoiding his magically imposed quest to find the Golden Phallacy.

As it turns out, Belledane Wormhole isn’t just any pixie, she’s the one who can help him on his quest…if she can stay focused on something other than Geoffrey’s bedroom talents.

This is a 35,000 word erotic novella that contains explicit sex and sexual descriptions, including between humans and magical-fantasy creatures, sex magic between characters, group sex, complicated sexual relationships, and other sexually explicit themes and language that not all members of the public will enjoy.

All characters are 18 or older. Originally published in three parts.


“I loved your song.”

“Thank you kindly.”

“Can I see your manhood?” she asked.


“Boy pixies have such tiny things. You’re a human. You’re a giant! You must have a giant manhood!”

Geoffrey didn’t know what to think. While he had never had a complaint from any of his lovers, he was a realistic man when it came to the art of love and knew his tool, while more than measuring up against any other man, was by no means giant-sized.

Then again, from her perspective, a man-dagger the size of his pinky finger would be enormous.

“All of my lovers have found me well-equipped,” he said with a smile.
Lingua: Inglese Categoria: Erotica Traduttore:

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Editore: Green Bush Publishing
Pubblicato: 2020-09-11
ISBN: 6610000272327

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