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Persephone Moore made a splash in 2017 when she started writing lactation and chastity erotica along with cuckold and hotwifing stories. This is her first collection of her short stories and novellas. Only the kinkiest of readers should dare to delve into the dirty thoughts that Persephone keeps secret from everyone else around her.

This is a 200,000 word erotic short story collection that contains explicit sex and sexual descriptions. The stories contained explore kinks that involve erotic lactation, BDSM, group sex, cheating spouses, hot wives, male chastity, and cuckolding along with other sexually explicit themes that not all members of the public will enjoy.

All characters are 18 or older.

Centaur Lover

Stev and Leighla have a most unusual relationship. He’s a human and she’s a centaur but they’re in love. The only thing that complicates their lives, beyond the obvious interspecies problems, is Leighla’s desperate desire to have a child. Stev can’t do that for her, but he’s certain he can find someone who can…

The Kiss of Iron

Ambassador Lysandre Mayben knows the best way to quell difficult relations between her county, the Isle Kingdom, and the barbarians of the mountains: personal politics, which in her case means the promise of sex between her and King Dakron and her husband and the king’s slave. There is no part of her body or sexuality that Lysandre isn’t willing to let Dakron explore for the good of the Isle.


Martine has a secret she keeps from everyone—and it’s a secret she hates revealing to her lovers: her breasts make milk constantly. She’s very good at hiding this but sometimes her need for sex becomes too strong and she has to reveal herself, usually with disastrous results. It’s different with Dav. He not only accepts her body for what it does, but he loves her because of it…and he wants others to share in her.

Suburban Milk Maids

Sara and Joan are friends, but Sara has been keeping a secret from Joan on how she keeps her breasts young and perky. For years she’s been lactating for her husband and after Joan gets the secret from Sara, she wants to do the same because she thinks her husband is getting bored with her small, flabby breasts.

Claire’s Cuckold Denial

Claire is the ultimate hot wife. At her husband’s urging, she has sex with other men, but she is most attracted to Brad. Brad doesn’t want Claire all to himself—that would complicate his life as a rake—but he doesn’t want Claire’s husband to have all of her either.

Anna’s Nurse

Anna is a young woman next to death and the only thing that can save her is the milk from a lactating woman. When Anna starts nursing from Lilli’s abundant breasts, she not only becomes healthier, but she starts to fall in love with her nurse. Lilli knows it’s wrong to have such a relationship with her client, but she can’t help herself when her milk is literally life or death.

Melissa’s Decision

There is a certain kink that Melissa has. She can only achieve sexual satisfaction after being tied up and humiliated. While she has come to terms with how her sexuality works, she isn’t eager to reveal to her dominatrix that she had a secret boyfriend, nor does she want to reveal to her boyfriend that she has a secret dominatrix.

Amber’s Competition

Amber has two men in her life, her husband and her boyfriend. They both know about the other…partly because the boyfriend lives next door and partly because the three of them regularly share a bed. Amber wants to have a baby but she can’t decide which man should be the father.

Lesbian Lactation

By accident, Julianne stumbled into adult nursing her boyfriend. They both enjoyed it and thought nothing strange of it, but knowing it was taboo, they kept it to themselves. When Dylan’s birthday rolls around and he wants something special for it, Julianne offers him a three-way but he doesn’t have another woman in mind. When Julianne enlists the help of her boss to find a third, her life and relationships become intimately complicated.
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Editore: Green Bush Publishing
Pubblicato: 2017-12-25
ISBN: 6610000170210

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