55 Years of Thoughts & Meditations: Practical Experiential Philosophy - Antonis Anastasiadis

55 Years of Thoughts & Meditations: Practical Experiential Philosophy

55 Years of Thoughts & Meditations: Practical Experiential Philosophy

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The book “55 years of Thoughts & Meditations” is the result of the constant efforts, inquiries, reflections, thoughts and meditations of one man. All matters analysed derive from our everyday lives and include social, political, philosophical and love issues, as well as more general reflections on life. These matters are delivered in a thematic manner, which varies in both form and substance and is expressed in prose mainly, but also in poetic form.
Many of the issues posed occur to every thinking person, who follows his/her own path on earth and who seeks answers and solutions to life’s problems: Why do nations engage in battle? Why do people fight? What makes human contact difficult? What are art and beauty? What are sciences and what are their true limits? Should we trust them? What is “wisdom” and “beauty” and which knowledge is truly worthwhile? Is there objective knowledge? What is the unique truth? Is there good and evil? What are the three ideals, “Love”, “Knowledge” and the “Truth”?
So one morning, I began to gather and then document all my random thoughts, the remnants of everything that has triggered my observations, all the questions I have documented throughout my life and everything I had noted here and there and I turned it into a book of personal thoughts and meditations. This book is therefore the book of life, taken straight from life, rich with the reflec-tions of a lifetime.
It is a book about life and is aimed at every thinking and honest reader with good intentions. This includes young readers who are gifted with the clarity of soul and are in a better position to be aware of the just and the beautiful. Fifty five years of thoughts and meditations is what this book is. It is a quest of “Love”, of “Knowledge” and of the “Truth”.
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Editore: AKAKIA Publications
Pubblicato: 2017-06-16
ISBN: 9781911352198

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