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Summary of Brian C. Muraresku's The Immortality Key

Summary of Brian C. Muraresku's The Immortality Key

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Get the Summary of Brian C. Muraresku's The Immortality Key in 20 minutes. Please note: This is a summary & not the original book. Original book introduction: The most influential religious historian of the 20th century, Huston Smith, once referred to it as the "best-kept secret" in history. Did the ancient Greeks use drugs to find God? And did the earliest Christians inherit the same secret tradition? A profound knowledge of visionary plants, herbs, and fungi passed from one generation to the next, ever since the Stone Age?

There is zero archaeological evidence for the original Eucharist - the sacred wine said to guarantee life after death for those who drink the blood of Jesus. The Holy Grail and its miraculous contents have never been found. In the absence of any hard data, whatever happened at the Last Supper remains an article of faith for today's 2.5 billion Christians. In an unprecedented search for real answers, The Immortality Key examines the archaic roots of the ritual that is performed every Sunday for nearly one third of the planet. Centuries in the making, religion and science converge to paint a radical picture of Christianity's founding event - and to solve history's greatest puzzle once and for all.
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Editore: IRB Media
Pubblicato: 2021-01-24
ISBN: 9781638150084

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