Interracial BBC Bundle - Jennifer Lynne

Interracial BBC Bundle

Interracial BBC Bundle

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Four intensely hot, sexy stories, 33,000 words of interracial desire from the Brit queen of erotica – all together for the very first time!

My Very Public Ménage

Upon her request, Katherine's mysterious billionaire lover, Antoine escorts her to an exclusive and debauched fetish party. Before long, Antoine commands her to remove her latex mini dress and try to find him amidst the ongoing decadence - whilst totally nude. Katherine follows the instruction and having scoured the party naked she finds Antoine, accompanied by a half dozen of the biggest, darkest men she has ever seen – and they are all there for her pleasure…

The BBC, The Hot Wife and the Cuckold

Suspecting his wife of being unfaithful, a husband hides in the bedroom closet in order to catch her red handed. What he witnesses is his hot wife Trisha and her pole dance instructor Raymond pleasuring her with his hot, fit body and monster manhood. Trisha experiences her very first time cuckolding her husband at the expert hands of the hot, muscular black guy as the two enjoy each others' firm, toned bodies.

Exhibitionist Hot Wife: MMF Bisexual BBC Nude Beach Ménage

It's Davina's first time on a nude beach, and she is determined to make the most of the exhibitionist opportunities for showing off her hot wife, sexy body. Her husband, Brad leaves her alone on the beach within sight of a hot, voyeur BBC guy, who makes his move when Davina invites him over to rub sun screen all over her naked body.

Cuckolding my Husband

Hannah is picked up in a hotel bar by a handsome black guy and her sissy cuckold husband is ordered to follow them to their room and watch whilst the stranger takes his pleasure from the eager young wife. What follows is a night to remember for all three as Hannah is ravished by the stranger right in front of her husband.
Lingua: Inglese Categoria: Erotica Traduttore:

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Editore: JLE Publishing
Pubblicato: 2018-10-02
ISBN: 6610000112456

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