Chakra Healing - Crystal Smith

Chakra Healing

Chakra Healing

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If you’ve always wanted to find balance and harmony in your life but nothing seems to work, then keep reading… .

Why this audiobook can help you:

This audiobook is your guide to show you what chakras are, how they work, and what to do when you think you might be suffering from blocked, stagnate, or imbalanced energy in your body.

You might be carrying around trauma from your childhood that you brushed aside and pretended not to notice, and when you clear your chakras, you will free yourself of the emotional burden of being bullied so you can live a full and free, self-confident life. You might be suffering from depression and anxiety relating to a lot of different life experiences, and with some energy clearing and chakra healing, you can help yourself shift your energy to live a happier and freer life!

You don’t have to be an expert on chakras or vibrational frequency to reap the benefits of chakra healing.

This audiobook is here to help and contains the following:
• An introduction to the seven main chakras of your body
• The science of chakras and how they work
• Kundalini energy and awakening and secret tips to begin your ascension journey
• How to heal the blocks, imbalances, excesses, and deficiencies
• Meditation and yoga exercise to heal your chakras
• Secrets of the third eye and how to open up your psychic capacity
• Tips for living a fully charged life
• And so much more!

Even if you’ve never heard anything about chakras and energy, you can improve your life in just 10 days.

So go ahead, if you’ve been thinking about trying to open your chakras or you want to learn more about it, this audiobook is your answer! If you know nothing about chakras but want to learn, this audiobook is your answer!

Here is where your chakra journey begins; start walking the path!
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Editore: Crystal Smith
Pubblicato: 2021-04-08
Durata: 3H 24Min
ISBN: 9781662236754

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