97 Principles for Software Architects - Multiple Authors

97 Principles for Software Architects

97 Principles for Software Architects

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97 Principles for Software Architects presents axioms for software architecture written by over four dozen leading software architects. The principles describe best practices in architecting and developing software learned from decades of collective experience. The lessons of this book will be useful to current and aspiring software architects, engineers, and anyone responsible for developing software. The material – originally published by the authors under the Creative Commons License – has been optimized for audio. Chapters include:

Simplify Essential Complexity; Diminish Accidental Complexity by Neil Ford

Database As a Fortress By Dan Chak

Don't Put Your Resume Ahead of the Requirements by Nitin Borwankar

Audio content for computer science and software engineering is rare, but the nature of these axioms—without diagrams or code samples—makes them perfect the medium. Become a more informed engineer as you walk the dog, commute to work, or cook your dinner.
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Editore: Open Source Audio
Pubblicato: 2020-08-21
Durata: 3H 51Min
ISBN: 9781662265730

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