Handbook for Folklore and Ethnomusicology Fieldwork - John Fenn, Lisa Gilman

Handbook for Folklore and Ethnomusicology Fieldwork

Handbook for Folklore and Ethnomusicology Fieldwork

0 0 5 Scritto da: John Fenn, Lisa Gilman
A comprehensive review of the ethnographic process for developing a project, implementing the plan, and completing and preserving the data collected.

In Handbook for Folklore and Ethnomusicology Fieldwork, readers will find a detailed methodology for conducting different types of fieldwork such as digital ethnography or episodic research, tips and tricks for key elements like budgeting and funding, and practical advice and examples gleaned from the authors own fieldwork experiences. This handbook also helps fieldworkers fully grasp and understand the ways in which power, gender, ethnicity, and other identity categories are ever present in fieldwork, and guides students to think through these dynamics at each stage of research. Written accessibly for lay researchers working in different mediums and on projects of varying size, this step-by-step manual will prepare the reader for the excitement, challenges, and rewards of ethnographic research.
Lingua: Inglese Categoria: Non-fiction Traduttore:

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Editore: Indiana University Press
Pubblicato: 2021-03-12
ISBN: 9780253040282

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