I Know How You Feel - F. Diane Barth

I Know How You Feel

I Know How You Feel

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“A compelling look at the ways in which women bond…essential reading for anyone trying to build—or maintain—a strong social circle. ”–BookPage

Do I have enough friends? Why did my friendship end? What makes a good friendship work? These are questions that F. Diane Barth, a psychotherapist widely recognized for her expertise in women’s relationships, fields all the time. In I Know How You Feel, she shares engaging stories from interviews with a lively and diverse cast of women, many of whom speak about feelings they haven’t shared before. She explores how life changes affect women’s friendships in subtle and not-so-subtle ways.

Interweaving examples from a range of sources—from classic women’s literature to chick flicks—she provides grounded advice on how to manage betrayal and rejection, how to deal with a narcissistic or bossy friend, what to do when your best friend and your family don’t get along, how to let go of a friendship that has stopped working, and much more. This is a timely, empathetic guide for women in their twenties to their sixties and beyond.

“A lively and compassionate guide that defines what is meant by ‘friend’ in the 21st century…engaging. ”–Library Journal

“A smart, perceptive, and complex study of women’s friendships and how they enhance, color in, and shape our lives. ”—Susan Shapiro, author of Lighting Up
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Editore: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
Pubblicato: 2020-06-11
ISBN: 9780544870291

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