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CBD Hemp Oil

CBD Hemp Oil

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Do you suffer from medical conditions that modern medicine does not cure?

Are you fed up with suffering and want solutions that are natural and really do work?

This book bundle gives you options for treatment that you may not have thought about!

There are literally thousands of illnesses, complaints and conditions that billions of us suffer from. Some, like the common cold or acne, can be irritating or unsightly, while other like depression can be life altering and lead to long term problems that are even harder to shake off. Luckily, there are a number of solutions that do not involve taking large amounts of drugs.

Inside the 3-book bundle, you will find 3 amazing books—Herbal Medicine, Essential Oils and CBD Hemp Oil. Each of them offers a range of different ways to alleviate and often completely cure your ailments, with chapters that cover:

- The basics and history of herbal medicine
- A profile of the different healing herbs
- A selection of cures for some of the most common complaints
- What essential oils can be used for
- Buying, storing and using them
- Anti-ageing and weight loss cures
- How CBD oil works on the human body
- Using it to ease discomfort
- Nutritional benefits
And much more…
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Editore: Brian Brittain
Pubblicato: 2021-03-17
Durata: 10H 15Min
ISBN: 9781664943506

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