The Judges of Hades: And Other Simon Ark Stories - Edward D. Hoch

The Judges of Hades: And Other Simon Ark Stories

The Judges of Hades: And Other Simon Ark Stories

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Five classic tales of murderous evil—and the immortal who was chosen to fight for what is right In a small town near Washington, DC, seventy-three villagers make the spontaneous decision to leap from a cliff to their deaths.

They leave no explanation behind, but local rumour suggests they were being manipulated by an ancient, evil power. In a monastery in West Virginia, a monk fears his brothers—and is finally pushed from the window of one of the towers. And in a town in Westchester County, New York, a self-proclaimed witch casts a spell on a group of female college students.

These are strange cases, seemingly beyond the grasp of reason—and perfect fodder for Simon Ark. A Coptic priest of the ancient world, he was condemned after the Crucifixion to live forever, wandering the earth and rooting out evil. And in the small, shadowy corners of small-town America, he will encounter great evil indeed.
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Editore: Road
Pubblicato: 2013-11-26
ISBN: 9781480456440

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