The Origin, Career And Destruction Of the Kelly Gang - F. Hunter

The Origin, Career And Destruction Of the Kelly Gang

The Origin, Career And Destruction Of the Kelly Gang

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In October 1878, Victorian Police were instructed to find the Kelly Gang, using the first ever photo I. D.; but the Kellys found them first…

When Kennedy and Scanlon were gone the other two set about camp work. McIntyre, who had the cooking for the day in hand, had disembarrassed himself of his weapons, so when suddenly confronted by the Kelly Gang, and ordered to throw up his hands, he had no resource but obey. Lonergan, who was armed, instead of doing so, started running with apparently the idea of getting some vantage ground from which to shoot. He had only covered four or five yards when he was shot down, and expired a few minutes afterwards. That he meant to show fight was evident by the attempt to get out his revolver when running. According to the evidence given at the trial, the gang manifested some regret at having to shoot down so plucky a fellow. This, however, did not apparently alter their intentions in regard to the rest of the party…

One of the rarest of all Kellyana, The Origin, Career and Destruction of the Kelly Gang has been out of print in any form for over 100 years. Fully illustrated with contemporary engravings and photographs.
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Pubblicato: 2018-09-21
ISBN: 9781925706611

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