Dancing in Dreamtime - Scott Russell Sanders

Dancing in Dreamtime

Dancing in Dreamtime

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This story collection by the acclaimed author and conservationist “sparks with brilliant imagery” in tales of dystopian worlds and human resilience (Teresa Milbrodt, author of Bearded Women: Stories).

Fans of Scott Russell Sanders, the Lannan Literary Award-winning essayist and author of The Conservationist Manifesto, may be surprised to learn he was one of the brightest science-fiction newcomers of the 1980s. In Dancing in Dreamtime, Sanders returns to his sci-fi roots, exploring both inner and outer space in a speculative collection of short stories.

At a time when humankind faces unprecedented, global-scale challenges from climate change, loss of biodiversity, dwindling vital resources, and widespread wars, this collection of planetary tales will strike a poignant chord with the reader. Sanders has created worlds where death tolls rise due to dream deprivation, where animals only exist in mechanical form, and where people are forced to live in biodomes to escape poisoned air. “Clear-eyed and philosophical” these vividly imagined stories combine “intellectualism with magical realism in an uncommon unity of mind and spirit” (Shelf Awareness).
Lingua: Inglese Categoria: Racconti brevi Serie: Break Away Book Club Edition: 1 Traduttore:

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Editore: Indiana University Press
Pubblicato: 2020-03-04
ISBN: 9780253022592

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