Ladybird I'm Ready to Sing! - Ladybird

Ladybird I'm Ready to Sing!

Ladybird I'm Ready to Sing!

3.33 12 5 Autore: Ladybird Narratore: Ladybird
Formato: audio.
This audio download from Ladybird is packed with all the popular nursery songs and rhymes that children tend to learn at nursery and school. Research has shown that parents often don't know the words to popular nursery songs so this is a great resource for both parents and nursery teachers. Have fun learning the words and singing along to favourite songs such as Old MacDonald Had a Farm, Five Speckled Frogs, The Wheels on the Bus, The House that Jack Built, Sleeping Bunnies, Wind the Bobbin Up and more.
Lingua: Inglese Categoria: Bambini Traduttore:

Più informazioni

Editore: Ladybird
Pubblicato: 2014-02-06
Durata: 37Min
ISBN: 9780723295389

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