Mrs Beeton's Jam-making and Preserves - Mrs Isabella Beeton

Mrs Beeton's Jam-making and Preserves

Mrs Beeton's Jam-making and Preserves

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This useful book of recipes from the 1920s includes 400 recipes for jam, marmalade, jelly, pickles, chutneys, and wines. It also provides detailed guidance on all aspects of preserving, bottling, sterilising, drying and crystallising fruits. The recipes are based on those by Mrs Beeton (including the now famous carrot jam) and they have been updated to include advances in techniques that were common in the early twentieth century. Familiar recipes are included alongside more exotic preserves like Harvey Sauce, Cucumber Ketchup, Hawthorn Liqueur and Maidenhair Syrup, making this an entertaining and exciting preserving adventure! Mrs Beeton's Jam-making and Preserves provides a fascinating insight into skills and methods that were in use before the invention of the food processor and electric hob, and before the presence of a refrigerator in every home. Among other methods, jars of jam are sealed with paper brushed with the white of an egg and some vegetable preserves are topped with clarified mutton fat to create an air-tight seal, the preparation of some ingredients takes many days, and the quantities of sugar, for example, many surprise the modern jam maker. However, all these recipes can be adapted to suit modern tastes and techniques in jam making and to take advantage of modern technology. Though perhaps not for the beginner, this book offers a wealth of preserving challenges for the confident cook. From recipes for ingredients not commonly used today to unusual combinations and preserves that, quite frankly, sound disgusting and/or positively dangerous (have a look at the Mustapha Ketchup recipe - try at your own risk!), this collation is an enjoyable exploration of the history of preserving and a rare opportunity to experience the tastes that a previous generation enjoyed.
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Pubblicato: 2014-07-31
ISBN: 9781910226193

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