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Lillie London's Needlework Book

Lillie London's Needlework Book

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Achieve an authentic vintage look by taking lessons with Lillie London, the 1930s embroidery expert. Practice your new skills with 88 projects. Create beautiful tablecloths, tea cosies, guest towels and cushions. Make lovely embroidered pyjamas and underwear in pre-war styles. Craft accessories like bags and belts for yourself, as well as toys for children, gifts for new parents and home-made presents for family members. This book is ideal for the beginner who wants to broaden their embroidery horizons. Lillie London's Needlework Book offers you: - 88 vintage projects from the 1930s, illustrated with photographs, line drawings and diagrams; - 12 lessons in basic embroidery techniques, wool work and simple toy making. Lillie London gives lessons in a range of skills from cut-work to Italian quilting, needleweaving, petit point and rug-making. The final two lessons give guidance on the basics of embroidery and the most popular stitches used at the time. - Words of wisdom from the past that chime with modern trends and fashions - Lillie London speaks to you across the decades with helpful advice, clear instructions and clever ideas. Lillie London's Needlework Book provides inspiration for your vintage homestyling, useful guidance to help you upcycle vintage items and new skills that can be employed to give your twenty-first century embroidery a 1930s twist.
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Pubblicato: 2014-10-15
ISBN: 9781910226216

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