The Murder on the Links - Agatha Christie

The Murder on the Links

The Murder on the Links

4,18 397 5 Scritto da: Agatha Christie Letto da: Hugh Fraser
An urgent cry for help brings Poirot to France…

An urgent cry for help brings Poirot to France. But he arrives too late to save his client, whose brutally stabbed body now lies face downwards in a shallow grave on a golf course.

But why is the dead man wearing his son’s overcoat? And who was the impassioned love-letter in the pocket for? Before Poirot can answer these questions, the case is turned upside down by the discovery of a second, identically murdered corpse…
Lingua: Inglese Categoria: Gialli Serie: Hercule Poirot: 2 Traduttore:

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Editore: HarperCollins
Pubblicato: 2007-06-04
Durata: 6H
ISBN: 9780007248711

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